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Cody Pennington

Bachelor of Arts: Social Science
Master of Science: Criminal Justice

Cody is the owner and chief investigator of Pennington Legal Investigations LLC. Cody's professional background prior to founding Pennington Legal Investigations LLC was in corrections. Cody observed first hand how many of the inmates, especially the indigent, did not have trained investigators working for their attorneys and how that negatively affected the outcome of their case.  It was at that point Cody decided to utilize his educational background and the training he received as a law enforcement officer to make sure attorneys can better meet their client's needs.

Cody gained additional training through the Professional Private Investigations course offered by the University of North Texas' Professional Development Institute. It was during this training that Cody found a passion for domestic and civil investigations as well. Cody is also a trained mediator. This allows him to get difficult interviewees to open up about what they saw. 

Cody consistently adheres to strict quality and privacy standards in order to ensure his work remains unbiased, relevant, and accurate. After all, in-depth and ethical research is the main pillar of our company. Set up your initial consultation and learn what Pennington Legal Investigations LLC can do for you.

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